GauriShankar ( Malkapur) -




The Gaurishankar mandir is on Malkapur-Nandura road at a distance of about a mile from the railway station.

It is a miniature replica of a peak of the HIMALAYS from where emerges the Ganga. 

It is built in stone and cement and shows signs of skilled craftmanshipe. The small artificial hill thirty-five feet in height depicts the scene of Gangavatarana from the puranas. 

The story depicts Shankara bringing the Ganga to the earth after the marathon efforts done by Bhagiratha. At the top of the hill is a golden statue of the Ganga 5'-3" in height, with a pot in her hand pouring water. On the left of the statue of the Ganga, is the statue of Shankara with his hair disheveled. To the right , are the statue of Parvati and Ganapati. Almost at the bottom of the hill is the statue of Nandi.

The hill can be climbed by a small passage with a flight of steps , 2'-3" in width. Water is taken to the top of the hill in pipes and it juts out forcefully from the kumbha in the hands of the Ganga. 

The same then trickles down, again collected and taken to the top in a circular motion.